Why should Plymouth, Michigan homeowners worry about wet basements?

If you have a subsoil basement you should be concerned about basement waterproofing. Besides the obvious inconvenience of a wet basement there are also numerous hidden problems associated the additional moisture, including health issues and extra expenses.

    Wet basements can also:
  • Create excessive mold and mildew.
  • Promote allergic discomfort
  • Add to the humidity throughout your home.
  • Cause increased energy costs.
  • Provide a breeding ground for termites.
  • Trap musty air in basements travels to upper living areas.
  • Cause mildew in drywall that is known to be toxic.

Additional benefits to a dry basement.

Perma-Dry Foundation Repair and Waterproofing has put together the best technologies to stop your basement from leaking, and to give you back a little piece of mind. We specialize in providing high quality solutions at a great price. Our waterproofing professionals will not only install your systems quickly and correctly the first time, but they will also go over every detail with you so you feel comfortable and confident with your choice.

    Additional benefits of waterproofing your basement Include:
  • Increased property value
  • Structurally sound foundation
  • A healthier home for you and your family
  • A warmer basement in the winter
  • Increased living space
  • A more attractive and comfortable home
  • Sometimes the usable space in you basement can be doubled once complete

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    Waterproofing your basement should begin with a thorough look around your home.
  • Look for areas where water collects around your foundation.
  • Fill low areas so water flows away from your foundation.
  • Check gutters for debris and downspouts should extend at least 8 feet from the house.
  • Service walks that settled and slope back to the house should be adjusted to flow away from your foundation.

Rod-hole repairs are fast and very effective

We see leaking walls like this all over Metro Detroit.

This crack in Northville, MI was leaking with each heavy rain. Now it is dry and the basement can be used again.

This wall repair in Farmington Hills, MI looks like ones we see every day in communities like yours.

This leaking rodhole in West Bloomfield, MI is no different from yours. Repair is quick and effective.

We were hired to repair this crack in Detroit after someone else failed. When we fix it, it stays dry.

The Flat Track system installs next to the footing and drains water from beneath the concrete slab and along the wall.

These leaking rod holes in Redford, MI were repaired quickly and will stay dry.

After repairing cracks, we affix this waterproof panel and connect the area behind it into the drainage system.

We move the water away from basement interior

We can repair wet walls like these

Battery backup sump pumps keep your basement dry even when you lose power