Perma Dry Foundation Repair and Waterproofing is a licensed and insured, full service contracting company with over 20 yrs experience creating dry, comfortable living environments for families all over Michigan. Since 1991, our experience and knowledge has been derived from a variety of building industry projects and one common denominator appears in almost every aspect of the property management -- water issues and water infiltration.

In 1997, we started researching the best methods for basement waterproofing and finishing and have located the best products and services available to protect your investment and your family. When it comes to water and moisture issues, the most important thing we have found is that there is no “One solution” that fits every situation. This is why we provide a thorough interview with our customer and provide an extensive inspection for every job.

This allows us to educate the customer as to why they have the problem, what options are available and our honest opinion on the best approach to solve the problem ... affordably and permanently!

We constantly pursue the most effective products and services that will allow us to produce our high-end results and unsurpassed customer service at affordable, competitive prices.

Honesty, Integrity and constant pursuit to provide world class customer service makes us the obvious choice. Our finished products and continued service after the sale makes us the Right Choice!